Visiting Honduras

Hello Everyone!!
While on our 7-day Carnival cruise, we stopped in Honduras for the day. I awoke at 6:30 am to get a photo of the sun rising. To my surprise it was extremely cloudy and clouds threatened an outpour of rain. I was a bit disappointed but the remainder of the day made up for that.  As we pulled into the port, we saw a partly sunken ship that must have been there for years. IMG_7025It was said that no one was allowed to snorkel in or around the ship without facing legal action as it was deemed a historical site.
After breakfast, the sun made an appearance but it still remained somewhat cloudy for most of the day. We visited an animal sanctuary and butterfly where I captured my favorite photos of the trip!
Honduras Exoctic Garden Flower After a Sprinkle

Shell Ginger Flower after the rain

Resting Butterfly - Honduras

The only butterfly to stay still long enough to be photographed.

Here's looking at you kid!

Hey, are you looking at me?

Pipe down! I'm trying to eat here, buddy!

                                               Wanna share my snack?

A Beautiful Macaw in Honduras

What a view from up here!!

Wanna Talk?

Knock Knock…



Visit my Flickr photostream for more photos taken in Honduras!!

Before the Sun

Good morning! I awoke this morning with an urgency to get out and shoot. I grabbed my Canon and keys and drove out to a nearby field. This small part of the world seemed so silent and calm. And the inspiration came….

….And then I went back to bed.

Now that I am awake again, it’s time for a bit of fun! See you soon with more photos!


Beauty is everywhere…now go and capture it!

Sunset Palms

Hello Everyone!!

I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday! Aren’t you? This week has been a long and busy week at work but after 5 PM tomorrow, it will all be over. I am a bit exhausted. I can actually relax, sleep late, or both but I am too excited to sleep late. I will be spending the weekend taking photos. Sounds like fun? Oh yeah, baby!

Today’s photo was taken while in Florida last month. I was one of my favorites of the bunch and seemed fitting for this evening’s post. You can never get tired of a photo  of a sunset… well I can’t. I consider it to be Nature’s happy ending! Now if it were only Friday today… 🙂



One More For the Road

Jacksonville, Fl.

I was feeling a bit guilty for posting just one photo… so here is one for the road!

This photo was taken while in Jacksonville, Florida with the family. I tried to capture the sunset as best I could and quickly. It really was the last photo taken before the sun disappeared for the day.


Until we meet again….


Turn It On Already!!

It was 99° today! I opened the door to the balcony and it was a matter of seconds before I felt the sweltering heat. OMG! Back inside I went. A tall glass of lemonade and a bowl of cherries began calling me. Wow, how I love summer!

As I was going through my archived photos, of course while sipping on my cool glass of lemonade, I found this photo. This photo was actually taken in early Spring of this year. I thought it was a fitting photo for today’s post. I guess inspiration came early!

Stay cool everyone!


A Room With A View

Imagine this beautiful view from your condo? Even though it was very cloudy and about to rain… again; I could never get tired of this view. This photo was taken while scouting condos for sale. Oh no, I know what you’re thinking! I am not going anywhere. My brother’s mother-in-law is the lucky buyer in search of a condo.

As we browsed the different condos, I felt like I was on one those HGTV shows. I talked to the realtor like a pro. Who knew you could learn so much from Property Virgins and My First Place. It was too bad it was only the view you could fall in love with. 😦

Thanks for visiting! Stay tuned this week for the first guest poet from my new poetry series.



Relaxation At Last: A View From My Car

Hello everyone!

I am officially back!!! Back from vacation in FLORIDA!!  Okay, so it wasn’t Miami or Orlando but Jacksonville is pretty cool. I have been a few times but not with a camera. A camera changes your perspective of everything. It was like visiting for the first time. Can you hear the Oohs and Awwhs… come closer to the monitor … Right there! 🙂

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