Photo of the Day: Before the Rain Sets In




Droplets Fall Into Darkness


Photo taken today after the thunderstorm.

I decided to experiment with the camera settings a bit to achieve the darkened background. I have seen this technique in other photos but I was not sure how to achieve it until yesterday. This photo was a happy accident replicated today.

Yesterday’s “Happy Accident”…. will be posted later today.

Enjoy … until then!


The Evening Train to….

Hello Everyone!!

I realized I’ve been taking more photos each day but I am not getting enough time in the day to post them so, I find myself starting to play catch up. Man, I really need more hours in the day… One caveat… not when at work. 🙂 I do love what I do, I just love the idea of spending the day taking photographs of any and everything more. Unfortunately, something has to pay those bills and allow me to buy my first wide-angle lens.

I just made it home before the “big downpour” I kept hearing about on the radio. I was driving past the train station and noticed a train fly by. Hmm… now that would make a cool photo, I thought. So for this photo I had to get out of the car… therefore, no AVFMC* photo today.

This photo was my attempt to capture motion without a tripod and in the rain. I enhanced the color of the background to make the rain coming off the train more pronounced through the fog.

I hope that you enjoy today’s photo! See you soon.



Raining: A View From My Car

It was extremely hot and I was feeling a bit muggy. Thank goodness for the rain! First it was a few drops, then a bit more and then it poured! Oh yes, relief at last!

But it wasn’t long before the heat returned and I was feeling the heat of the Sunshine State!

This photo was taken using my iPhone. I love the blur in this photo. There wasn’t a need to edit this photo other than to add my signature. I loved it just the way it was photographed.



A Room With A View

Imagine this beautiful view from your condo? Even though it was very cloudy and about to rain… again; I could never get tired of this view. This photo was taken while scouting condos for sale. Oh no, I know what you’re thinking! I am not going anywhere. My brother’s mother-in-law is the lucky buyer in search of a condo.

As we browsed the different condos, I felt like I was on one those HGTV shows. I talked to the realtor like a pro. Who knew you could learn so much from Property Virgins and My First Place. It was too bad it was only the view you could fall in love with. 😦

Thanks for visiting! Stay tuned this week for the first guest poet from my new poetry series.



…And Then Came the Rain

The skies darken

To a shade of charcoal grey.

The clouds move across the sky like angry men

And the once perfect blueness fades away.

The storm melody begins.

A natural arrangement of harmonious tones

Are carried by the winds as they begin to blow

Through the limbs of trees causing their leaves to tremble.

Swaying them violently without care,

Again and again to its rhythm

The sound of rumbles draw near.

 And are joined to the symphony of music.

It’s closing in.

Becoming more and more beautiful and melodic.

Bright lights flash across the sky.

But before the crescendo

Nature gave us one last rumble…and then came the rain.


This photo was taken while walking home from an evening walk a few weeks ago.