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Raining: A View From My Car

It was extremely hot and I was feeling a bit muggy. Thank goodness for the rain! First it was a few drops, then a bit more and then it poured! Oh yes, relief at last!

But it wasn’t long before the heat returned and I was feeling the heat of the Sunshine State!

This photo was taken using my iPhone. I love the blur in this photo. There wasn’t a need to edit this photo other than to add my signature. I loved it just the way it was photographed.



A Little Bit of Sunshine

-Hi Everyone.

I thought I would post a few photos that have not had a chance to share that were taken in the beginning of July. This photo was taken in the parking lot across the street from my job. I think the owner really loves flowers and plants in general. He even planted a plum tree some time ago which is now bearing actual fruit!

I know I have not been posting as often as I once did. My goal was to post every day in July but that didn’t happen and I feel that I am not staying completely true to my mission for project 365 (or 366 if you consider that this is a leap year). I’ve been taking photos with either my Canon or my iPhone for most of the days that I did not post but I just don’t get time to post and share the stories behind them. Sometimes the story or sentiment behind the photo matters and actually makes the post more interesting. Just my opinion… and yes I did say “sometimes”. Although, I have seen many spectacular photos on WordPress where there wasn’t a charming tale or even a description and it didn’t make the photo any less powerful; in fact, it sometimes makes an even stronger piece. Now, that is wonderful thing about ART!

Stay tune for more photos… some with a story and maybe some without! 🙂



A Room With A View

Imagine this beautiful view from your condo? Even though it was very cloudy and about to rain… again; I could never get tired of this view. This photo was taken while scouting condos for sale. Oh no, I know what you’re thinking! I am not going anywhere. My brother’s mother-in-law is the lucky buyer in search of a condo.

As we browsed the different condos, I felt like I was on one those HGTV shows. I talked to the realtor like a pro. Who knew you could learn so much from Property Virgins and My First Place. It was too bad it was only the view you could fall in love with. 😦

Thanks for visiting! Stay tuned this week for the first guest poet from my new poetry series.



Relaxation At Last: A View From My Car

Hello everyone!

I am officially back!!! Back from vacation in FLORIDA!!  Okay, so it wasn’t Miami or Orlando but Jacksonville is pretty cool. I have been a few times but not with a camera. A camera changes your perspective of everything. It was like visiting for the first time. Can you hear the Oohs and Awwhs… come closer to the monitor … Right there! 🙂

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MIA… For A Bit!!

Hello everyone!!!

I have been MIA for a bit. It’s been a journey these last few weeks; at times literally. Where should I begin?

Partying!!!! Ok, just a bit… but I was actually working an event. I was asked to photograph a 1st birthday celebration….and I do mean celebration! It was definitely more than a party! The food, the venue and the people were great! I have never been to an Indian function so elaborate; especially to celebrate a first birthday! I really had a wonderful time with everyone and I even learned a few dances which I most certainly paid for the next morning. Thinking back on that night and all the fun I had, it was so worth it! 🙂

A few days later, I flew a few thousand miles to see my beautiful niece graduate high school and spent some much needed time with my brother and his family. I felt so drained upon leaving home but now that I have returned, I have a rejuvenated spirit about life, love and happiness!!! Balance is a beautiful thing!

Now that I have told you about my travels, I bet you’re wondering where are the photos. 🙂 After all this is a photo blog, right? Well here’s the thing, I packed everything except my camera! Can you believe it???

Really…you believed that I would go on vacation without some sort of camera??? GOTCHA!!

There wasn’t a chance that I would leave my camera!! That was the first to be packed and secured. I even bought a few industry mags to read on the plane! Ok… Back to the photos! I will be posting some of them this week as well as including some in my new poetry series (coming soon). Much more on that later today!!

Alright, I believe I’ve rambled enough, it’s great to back! See you soon!! Time to start checking out all of your posts since I’ve been gone!!